Offer chocolate

To your image

Offering chocolate, means giving a delicious sweetness accompanied by a gourmand delicacy.

Do you want to make a surprise gift so that you would be remembered? Giving a quality Swiss chocolate that resembles you, you touch the recipient’s senses for sure.

Our personalized chocolate

for an event

Whether it’s to say thank you, for a birthday, a wedding proposal or simply to celebrate, receiving quality Swiss chocolate is always a pleasure. The combination of our knowledge, La Bonbonnière’s delicious chocolate flavours and your message represents an unforgettable gift.

Thanks to our special technique, we can print anything you want on “sugar paper”. We offer standard chocolate iPad models. You give us with your photo, and we print it as your wallpaper.
Would you like maybe even more personalised gift? “The only limit to creation is your imagination”, so don’t hesitate to discuss with us your desires for making personalised chocolates.


that look like you

Are you preparing a wedding party, a baptism or an event that brings your loved ones together?
Make a lasting impression with handmade chocolates that reflect your image. With creations made by order, boxes of pralines or boxes of Geneva desserts with bride and groom’s initials, La Bonbonnière’s chocolate masters realize your chocolate idea in a traditional Swiss chocolate factory way.
We can also provide you with ribbons or color boxes, attach a card or write a message according to your choice. We carefully think of every detail so that your gift stands out.

Our latest

Personalized chocolate creations

Treat your guests to a personalized chocolate creation!